Free Textures

CG textures- This is i think the biggest and best site for textures. You can only download 15mb a day as a free member but its worth it since they have a Huge amount of good quality. Highly recommended!

- There is lots here
in high quality.

- Textures and some references

Amazing textures
-Hundreds of quality textures

- 1000 Free textures here.

-Lots of nature textures, cutout leaves etc

Back of beyond
-Thousand of textures (although site seems to be being updated a the moment)

Ben Cloward
-Small amount but is quality.

Blender Texture library
- Couple of hundred textures here, varying resolution.

David Gurrea
- Low resolution hand painted textures for games

-Heaps of very high res wood textures

Free 3ds Textures
- Couple of hundred high res textures in here.

Free Art textures
- Lots of low(ish) resolution textures

Free texture maps
- Around a thousand high res useful texture maps.

Lots of high resolution textures

Got 3D
-Free textures of various types

Grunge textures
- Couple of hundred high res textures

Image After
- This one is also quite large.

Lugher Texture
- Lots here high res and quality

-Lots of high res- medium quality images

Mega tex
-Hundreds of textures of various types here

Michal Kotek
-Offers high res (packs) of textures

Noctua graphics
-459 free textures Most textures are 512x512 pixels, high quality and seamlessly tileable.

Open footage

-LOTS of high res seamless textures

Share Cg
-Lots of user submitted textures of various size and quality

Texture Barn
-Around a hundred medium resolution images

Texture bits

-A few High resolution textures here
- Lots of low(ish) resolution textures of various types

Texture king
- Couple of hundred high res textures in here.

Texture Love
- Couple of hundred High res textures

Texture warehouse
- Couple of hundred high res textures

- Couple of hundred High res textures

Cutout trees, people and textures here (go to the downloads section)

Wild Harmony studio
- quite large collection, Lots of high res images

CG textures
-260+ skymaps and 20000+ textures

Free high res skymaps

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