Free Stock photos

Here are some free stock photo sites:


-This free stockphoto archive is a non-profit project with the goal of providing free images to every person in the world.

-If you are a designer, here you can search for and download high resolution stock images for free, while also having the option to purchase RF licensed images

-All images are at least 2400 x 1600, and photos can be used for commercial or personal projects.

-Download Free Stock Photos and Images


Morgue file
-A place to keep post production materials for use of reference, an inactive job file. This morgue file contains free high resolution digital stock photography for either corporate or public use.

Open Photo

-5000 free photos
8000 free clipart
All photos on this web site are public domain. You may use these images for any purpose, including commercial. But if some photo contains logos and products you need to be careful. Using someone else's trademark commercially can get you sued.

Stockvault is a stock photo sharing website where designers and photographers can meet to share their images.

-Woophy stands for WOrld Of PHotographY, a website founded by a Dutch collective of photo aficionados and internet designers who believe navigation on internet can be more visual, logical and associative.

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